Apple Legacy/Hackintosh Tools

Don't throw away good hardware! But also, don't feed the beast :)

Already got a Mac? Try these...

OpenCore Legacy Patcher - Use this to modify the boot loader of a standard USB installer to allow the installation to take place, then use it again once installed to allow booting from the hard drive without the USB stick. Check your model here to see if the video card in your model is supported out of the box in Big Sur (or generally past High Sierra). If not, you need to install the root patches after installation get the GPU acceleration patches.

gibMacOS - Py2/py3 script that can download macOS components direct from Apple. (In order to create a USB installer) It's a port of mac-admin-scripts both of which only run on Python within OSX.

SSD Fan Control - Upgraded that shitty Apple HDD to an SSD, but now your fans are going wild? Use this tool to sort it out

Linux Mint - Trying to revive a machine pre-2009 or so? CPUs without SSE 4.1 only run very old versions of OSX - El Capitan and earlier - and if you go back too far, Safari doesn't even work (because the SSL certificate authorities have all expired). Save yourself the headache and just install Linux. Linux Mint will automatically download the drivers to support your WiFi card, and it doesn't use snap, so it's like Ubuntu but better.

Chromium Legacy - Not listening, and still want to run a shitty old OSX? Fine. Then you'll need this browser to get anything done. This is still useful if you've got old hardware whose manufacturer dropped driver support in later versions (eg. audio gear). You'll need to download this on a capable machine, then copy it onto the Mac to install it. Once you've got a working browser, life is much easier. Requires 10.7+

InterWebSnow Browser - If you've got 10.6, you poor bastard, then you'll need this browser instead of Chromium Legacy

dosdude1 Catalina Patcher - Install Catalina on unsupported older Macs

Don't have a Mac? Try these...

macOS Simple KVM - Documentation to set up a simple macOS VM in QEMU, accelerated by KVM. I haven't tried this with WSL - only Linux.

Olarila - The real vanilla Hackintosh - Great source for creating bootable OSX USB sticks/disks and patching the EFI folder for hardware support. See the guides below for more details, but you will likely end up at this site eventually if you don't have a Mac to begin with.

Hackintosh Guides - Guides for installing OSX on x86 hardware. - More guides for installing OSX on x86 hardware - Hardware Compatibility Guides - Pretty thorough list of compatible hardware if you're intending to make a dedicated Hackintosh

OpenCore Install Guide - This is where the fun begins if you're making a Hackintosh yourself. Be prepared to collect EFI files and debug your hardware build.

Is it any good?

WebGL Aquarium Demo - see if your machine has video acceleration. If it's smooth, you're good to go. If not, you might be better off with an earlier version of OSX with driver support for your Apple hardware, or a card that's properly supported if you're building a Hackintosh.

Don't forget Homebrew if you're a nerd

Homebrew Package Manager - Make it more like Linux

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